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Mr. Mezcal

Mr. Mezcal Tepeztate

Mr. Mezcal Tepeztate

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An elevated union of Mr. Mezcal's spirit and yours.

Mr. Mezcal Tepeztate is our favorite global offering as it exhausts everything Mezcal has to offer the world.

First agave Marmorata, the agave which produces Tepeztate, takes up to 35 years to mature. It's completely wild (living with no human intervention) and is sparely distributed across rocky cliff sides and steep ravines throughout Oaxaca. The will of this plants to survive and grow through several decades in rocky soil conditions provides a raw material unlike anything else. 

The wild agave used to produce a bottle of Mr. Mezcal Tepeztate today were seedlings in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

In addition to being the most prized agave for Mezcal production, Marmorata is also one of the lowest yielding and technically challenging plants to work with. The rugged terrain it calls home causes its sugar content to be exceptionally low requiring ~90kg of piña to produce an equal amount of liquor distilled from ~6kg of Angustofolio (agave for Espadin). 15x the amount of plant material is needed when compared to introductory Espadin. Very few mezcaleros have the expertise and knowledge base necessary to process a batch of Marmorata and produce this spirit.

We are proud and honored to bring Mexico's greatest export to people around the world; Mr. Mezcal Tepeztate.

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Highly Awarded

Mr. Mezcal won Platinum, Gold, and Best Mezcal, 2022 & 2020 in La Spirits Competition

Our Bottle's Design won Silver in San Fransico's World Spirits Competition