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Mr. Mezcal Cuishe

Mr. Mezcal Cuishe

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A complex herbaceous encounter, Mr. Mezcal Cuishe is made of the tall and wild Agave Karwinskii. 

Zapotec for "agave", Cuishe (kwee-sh/kwee-shay) is produced via a species of agave that makes up < 1% of all agave plants in Oaxaca. 

12-18 years of Plant Maturity, towering 6-8 feet tall.

Mono-Varietal, Single-Origin Liquor.

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Highly Awarded

Mr. Mezcal won Platinum, Gold, and Best Mezcal, 2022 & 2020 in La Spirits Competition

Our Bottle's Design won Silver in San Fransico's World Spirits Competition